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  1. Your order in our online-shop is binding. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days after the receipt of the delivery. You must inform us first, then send back the UNOPENED and UNDAMAGED product within 14 days of the purchase. (date of post-mark is sufficient). 

  2. Seeds and other living products are excluded from the right to cancel if the wrapping or the sealing has been damaged. 

  3. The total costs consist of the price of the products ordered and the SHIPPING EXPENSES. These charges are clearly displayed in your cart. 

  4. Prices are subject to change - we explicitly reserve our right to change prices. 

  5. We also reserve the right to refuse orders without giving reasons. If this affects you, we will  inform you via e-mail and refund your purchase and shipping costs.

  6. In the case of incurring custom fees (or similar fees) in the course of the shipping to your address, any charges are payable by the customer (you) 

Returns & Refunds


   1 In the event of being unsatisfied with the quality of the product, please contact us by email within 14 days of            receiving the product for a full refund. Import duties are non-refundable.
   2. Product must be unopened to receive a full refund as we cannot be re-used items at our discretion.
   3. If the product is defective or damaged there is a full warranty period of 3 months.



  1. All prices are including the VAT but excluding possible shipping costs. 

  2. You have to be at least 18 years old to order.

  3. All prices and info are subject to Changes.

  4. Misunderstandings, confusions and mistakes can happen - we will ALWAYS try to resolve all issues with you in the best possible way. 

  5. Keep in mind the legislation in your country. All products may only be used in abidance by the respective laws. In agreeing to our terms and conditions you confirm to agree to indemnify The Last Hemperor in case of violation of the law on your behalf. We strictly do not accept any liability resulting from usage of our products in conflict with the law! 

  6. The respective laws in their relevant jurisdiction are applicable.

  7. Keep Out Of The Sight & Reach Of Children

  8. UK Legal THC %

  9. UK Legal THCA %

  10. Non Psychoactive

  11. EU Government Licensed Grown

  12. Sold As Agricultural Hemp Flower For Souvenirs Or As A Novelty Product

  13. Agricultural Hemp Flower Is Not Intended For Consumption or Combustion